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EVO Wash (Desander Screen)

EVO Wash (Desander Screen)


  • A modern machine for sand washing
  • Dynamic separation due to the forced drift of gravels in the opposite direction of the muddy water outlet with the assistance of creating a cross-sectional reverse flow of water in the side tanks.
  • Equipped with polyurethane units on all surfaces at the exposure of wear, including:
  • Screen surface, inner walls, cyclones, and…
  • Equipped with two adjustable vibrating motors
  • Production of washed sand ready for loading at the moment (without water falling from the truck on the surface of the road)
  • The output muddy water free of any gravels, ready to send to the thickener, and 90% recycling of clean water
  • The evowash machine is employed for dewatering and granulation of minerals in industries and factories. Dewatering screens dry minerals, rock materials, all types of minerals, and also sludge and produce bulky and heavy materials, which could be portable with standard equipment.
  • Furthermore, the evowash machine is used for recovering solid particles from liquids, slurries, or sludges. Relying on the type of application, evowash machines are constructed as welded or bolted designs. To decrease the moisture content of solids to the minimum possible values, the vibrational excitation angle is optimized. The unit is supported by a +3˚ (extendable) tilt deck screen.


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