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Dryer Machine

Dryer Machine


This equipment is installed in front of the industrial hydrosanders and since it has a part called hydrocyclone in its top section, it can absorb all the mixed fine particles that enter.

After the hydrocyclone, the mix enters the dewatering screen so that its extra moisture gets taken.

The performance of the hydrocyclone and the screen in the dryer causes the final product to have wind-blown sand and proper humidity.

A dryer without the hydrocyclone turns into an amazing sand washer.

Technical specifications of the dryer :

  • Dewatering capacity: 100-140 tons of sand per hour
  • Vibrator: 5500
  • Polyurethane lace with mesh 300
  • Side and underneath shiplytes from polyurethane
  • Installed electrical enclosure
  • Liner silicone
  • Vibrator dimensions: 1800*2700 centimeters
  • Equipment dimension: 5700*2600*4200 centimeters


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